Chilsong Martial Arts Gallery

Chilsong Han Mu Do will give you the tools for overall life improvement. With everything from social events to public martial arts demonstrations, you can become part of something special and get fit at the same time. Improve your mind body and spirit with Han Mu Do.

Adult Classes

Adults can really benefit from learning Han Mu Do. Whether you want to get fit and healthy, learn some good solid self defense or just build your confidence this is the martial art for you.


Kids Classes

Give your child the gift of life long self discipline, fitness, fun and great friendships.  We teach balance, coordination, team work, positivity, respect and how to set and achieve goals.


Self Defense

Learn useful effective street self defense using Han Mu Do techniques. Taught along-side Han Mu Do by experienced teachers, you’ll learn both techniques to defend yourself and how to avoid having using them. Han Mu Do is taught to the Police and the Army in Europe, USA and Asia.



If it suits, you’ll get to use great protective equipment to become well acquainted with contact and real-world application of your new skills. It’s great aerobic exercise and improves mobility and flexibility.



Han Mu Do covers training in a variety of traditional martial arts weapons. These include: Fans, Belts, Long Stick, Short Stick, Swords and Canes. Many Han Mu Do techniques can be adapted to every-day objects for self defense.



We don’t just do martial arts! We often organize fun, action packed activities for all age groups.



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